PRODERM purifying ampoule


The highly concentrated PRODERM AMPOULE is a clarifying concentrate for the targeted regeneration of problematic skin. It reduces irritations caused by acne, promotes skin regeneration and thus positively influences the appearance of problem skin.

Propolis Cera: helps control sebum production, increases the moisture content of the skin and helps keep it supple. Roughness or irregularities are reduced, the skin’s appearance becomes even.

Vitamin E: strengthens the natural barrier function and protects the protective lipid layer from free radicals. Germs and irritating substances are thus less able to cause disbalance and the skin remains healthy.

Turmeric: has a strong antibacterial effect. Germs, bacteria and viruses on the skin are killed. This makes turmeric perfect for problematic skin with pimples and blackheads or inflammatory skin conditions.

Our ampoules are available at selected beauty institutes and spas. Your beautician understands your skin’s current needs and will be happy to recommend the appropriate care for you. Combining DERMADROP’s TDA treatment and ampoules will give you the key to beautiful and well-looked-after skin. Use it!

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