MITOCELL hyaluronic recovery serum


This beauty elixir thoroughly optimizes extrinsically aged skin: In addition to natural, intrinsic skin ageing, extrinsic factors such as UV radiation, nicotine and environmental toxins also lead to visible ageing of the skin. Extrinsically aged skin has a distinct need for care.

The MITOCELL serum promotes the development of the extracellular matrix, ensures deep regeneration, tightens the skin and reduces wrinkle depth.

Deep regeneration for extrinsically aged skin – For a refreshed complexion and firming effect.

Our Ceuticals are available at selected beauty institutes and spas. Your beautician understands your skin’s current needs and will be happy to recommend the appropriate care for you. Combining DERMADROP’s TDA treatment and Ceuticals will give you the key to beautiful and well-looked-after skin. Use it!

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