The redefinition of skin treatments



Obviously, there are countless skin treatments – but none of these are really satisfying. They are either too soft: gentle to the skin, but of minor results. Or they are too harsh: deeply effective, but invasive and painful.

DERMADROP TDA solves the problem – without injections and scalpel it combines effectiveness in depth with a pleasure, gentle and enjoyable treatment.

No matter which area of application, whether it is skin problems or skin conditions, whether your approach is aesthetic, cosmetic or therapeutic: DERMADROP TDA is currently the only non-invasive regenerative therapy that allows maximum deep care of the skin. The active ingredients remain available in the long term thanks to the active ingredient depots formed.

  • Treatments for Face, Body, Hair & Nails
  • Without pain & injection
  • Immediate effect
  • Long-term effect
  • Absolutely safe
  • For all ages & skin types
  • Scientifically proven



The DERMADROP TDA system offers you a holistic treatment concept ranging from facial treatments, hair, hand and nails to a variety of body treatments. With such flexibility, the system can be perfectly integrated into your cosmetic studio, surgery, clinic or spa and adjusted apposite to your main field of activity.


Hands and nails treatment

One for face, one for body, one for hair, one for hands… finally forget about that: DERMADROP TDA enables you to treat all sections of the body with one device due to its sophisticated software, smart programming, and specific cartridges for the different applications. That saves you valuable space, lots of money and inductions into several techniques and manuals.

Multi Disciplinary

professional skin care

DERMADROP TDA is the ideal enhancement of your professional services: for cosmeticians, aesthetic dermatologists, for every professional who is into skincare it is the perfect completion to your range of skin and beauty treatments. For all dermatologists working therapeutically it broadens your range of therapeutic options and allows you to successfully expand your range of services towards profitable beauty treatments.


With DERMADROP TDA we present the world’s unique non-invasive technology that allows active ingredients to reach the deep layers of the skin and stimulate a lasting regeneration process – treatments for the whole body.


Treatment System for Face, Body, Hair & Nails

The all-in-one genius for cosmetic and aesthetic usage:
  • Face, Body, Hair, Hand & Nail Treatments and cures
  • No injection, no scalpel, no downtime
  • Depot effect for lasting impact
  • Immeadiate visible results: refreshed, firm and healthy looking skin with the DERMADROP – ultimate “Glow”
  • 13 Programs
  • iMODE for individual procedures or intense treatment of problem areas
  • Easy to use: “plug & treat”
  • Time saving: Program duration from 3-20min
  • Self-explaining and delegable
  • Combinable with existing treatments
  • Wide range of cartridges
  • Accompanying OTC-products for pre- and post-treatment as well as home use
  • Everything developed, manufactured and controlled in Germany

+ therapeutic module

All DERMADROP TDA features, plus specific therapeutic programs. Supportive treatments for:

  • muscular tensions and lumbago
  • extreme dry skin and cornification
  • inflammatory and sports injuries
  • tightening intimate areas

Professionals on TDA

Marion Schomaker-Wessels

“The TDA treatment gives my clients an immediate feeling of freshness, not only immediately after the treatment, but also for days afterwards. I can’t imagine my services without this effective and lasting treatment, and the new DERMADROP treatments are already getting a great response.”

Marion Schomaker-Wessels, Schomaker-Wessels M. - Haren (Ems)

TDA Products

TDA Products + therapeutic module

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