Hair is never how it should be!

Too sleek, too curly, too powerless, too dull unruly… and with years, even hair-growth decreases. Nowadays caring for beautiful and healthy skin does not stop at the scalp. 

With DERMADROP we redefine haircare and give you a chance to gently strengthen your hair – for a fresh and voluminous look.  

  • stressed, powerless & damaged hair
  • decreased hair growth
  • dandruff & itchy scalp
  • lack of shine or volume
  • weakened hair structure
  • moisture-supply
  • skin-cell renewal
  • scalp-regeneration
  • lastingly more volume & shine
  • promotes the growth of strong, healthy and resilient hair
  • re-building and strengthening of hair´s structure
  • regains elasticity
  • soothes itch and dandruff
Hair Before © BelleStudioHair After © BelleStudio

© Isabelle Tilger BelleStudio

After a cure of 8 weeks with SHINE & GLOW TDA.

Hair & Scalp Treatment


A soothing activation massage of scalp, temples and forehead stimulates blood circulation and brings you into a relaxed, comfortable mood.

TDA Application

TDA Application

DERMADROP TDA works without direct skin contact. The only thing you feel on your scalp during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage pressure on the skin surface. The program guides the cosmetician over the scalp from the hairline, to the center of the head, and ends at the back of the head. The scalp regenerates from the inside out and regains its natural beauty. At the end additionally the TDA substance can be used on the hair and hair-ends for a perfect replenishment. Whether a visible shiny hair boost or the immediate volume after the treatment or a long-term improvement in complexion. Experience the new hair sensation.


The DERMADROP Hair & Scalp Treatment is finalized with a gentle massage of temples and forehead.


Already after only a few treatments, deposits of the TDA substances form within your scalp, creating stronger, more voluminous hair and supports healthy hair-growth.

Experience the DERMADROP Hair & Scalp Treatment!

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