Our face always makes the first impression – and healthy, beautiful facial skin makes it a good one.

Unfortunately, effective facial treatments are often uncomfortable, painful and cause downtimes. Especially for people with skin problems, this situation is more difficult to solve. Imagine a treatment that sufficiently plumps up wrinkles, fights skin impurities or hyper-pigmentation enjoyable and without direct skin contact!

Make this vision come true – with DERMADROP TDA.

  • Anti-Ageing
  • Impure Skin
  • Lack of Moisture
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Skin irritations
  • lasting moisture-supply deposits
  • improved complexion
  • refreshed, radiant look
  • activates cell renewal
  • building and strengthening of collagen fibres
  • DERMADROP ultimate “glow”
  • tightened skin
  • firmer skin
  • reduced wrinkles & signs of ageing
  • bright, even skin tone
  • reduction of hyper-pigmentation and pigment disorders
  • improved skin condition for impure skin
  • mitigating of redness, tension, roughness
  • activating & strengthening of skin’s own repair mechanism
  • in-depth nourishing of allergy-prone skin due to hypo-allergy formula
Eye beforeEye after

Treatment success after 4 applications of MITOCELL TDA at the corner of the eye.

Facial Treatment

Preparation Facial Ritual


The better the preparation, the better the results. We start with a careful cleansing with our DERMADROP’s BACK TO ZERO cleansing mousse – gentle and a pure pleasure for the skin. For an efficient dermabrasion we offer: Our three-part TDA PREPARE set, it is uncomplicated, non-invasive and painless. The treatment enables targeted and controlled removal of the upper horny layers. Or DEMRADROP’s PEELING+ TDA – a gentle fruit acid peeling that frees the skin from dead skin flakes, makes it more receptive to the subsequent TDA treatment and can intensify its effect. A nice side effect: cell renewal is stimulated and the complexion is optimized. The first step towards beautiful skin has been taken!

TDA Application

TDA Application

An in-depth treatment, that is gentle at the same time? While conventional cosmetic applications fail to penetrate the skin’s barrier, TDA transports even active substances with large molecules down to deep skin layers. The skin regenerates from within and regains its natural beauty – without direct skin contact and without injections. During treatment, the applicator is moved across the skin at a defined distance. All you feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage pressure on the skin surface.


One treatment is good, but a TDA cure is even better. After a few treatments, deposits of the TDA substances start to develop deep within the skin. Those depots nourish the cells continuously and provide a lasting improvement of the skin.  

Experience the DERMADROP Facial Treatment!

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