CANNABOOST multi-active cell regenerating serum


The new CANNABOOST serum was specially developed for stressed and cellular aged skin. As a daily beauty shield, it promotes sustainable regeneration, activates and protects the cells and reduces transepidermal moisture loss. It also has a calming and antioxidant effect.

For stressed and cellular aged skin – For a fresh and plumping effect.

The naturally rich hemp oil and the gamma-linolenic acid contained in the oil bind the water in the skin cells and thus provide a plumping effect. The valuable CBD is extracted from the blossoms of the female cannabis plant in a complex process. It has a particularly balancing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and calming effect on the skin.

Our Ceuticals are available at selected beauty institutes and spas. Your beautician understands your skin’s current needs and will be happy to recommend the appropriate care for you. Combining DERMADROP’s TDA treatment and Ceuticals will give you the key to beautiful and well-looked-after skin. Use it!

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