No body is perfect, embrace your imperfections!

We all have these unwelcome imperfections like cellulite, scars, cracks, bumps and loss in elasticity –  minimize what bothers you most with DERMADROP.

  • cellulite and bumps
  • rough, extremely dry skin
  • injured skin
  • tensed, flaky and cracked skin
  • moisture-supply
  • cell renewal
  • re-building and strengthening of collage fibres
  • nourishing very dry and rough skin areas
  • activation of lymphatic flow
  • amplification of blood circulation to mitigate cellulite
  • healing support for injuries of epidermis, flaky & cracked skin

After a cure of 4 treatments with THERMOREPAIR TDA.

Body Treatment


DERMADROP´s BACK TO ZERO cleansing mousse is used for thoroughly yet soft cleansing of the referring body parts. A soft yet effective preparation for body applications stimulates blood circulation and makes it utmost receptive for the upcoming treatment.

Traitement pour le corps, jambes

TDA Application

In order to let you enjoy a pleasant treatment DERMADROP’s TDA works without direct skin contact. The only thing you feel during the treatment is a light, pleasantly cooling massage pressure on the skin surface. Whatever area of your body needs a fresh-up, the skin regenerates from the inside out and regains its natural beauty. Whether you are searching for a firming effect, improved skin elasticity or moisture-supply, after just a few TDA applications, effective depots are formed  for a long-term effect. Feel and see the difference with DERMADROP TDA.


Optionally a careful, gentle massage is added to increase blood circulation even more.


After only a few treatments, deposits of the TDA substances form within your skin, creating a long-term improvement.

Experience the DERMADROP Body Treatment!

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