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Kadener Str. 9
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Unique treatments for face, body, hair & nails

Exclusivity meets idyllic scenery. On the beautiful Golf Club Gut Kaden we invite you to relax in our brand new DERMADROP Institute.

Experience the DERMADROP TDA treatment, deeply effective without any injections, but as pleasant as a spa treatment. Through TDA (trandermal application) active ingredients are transported painlessly into deep skin layers. The DERMADROP TDA treatment proceeds without direct skin contact and creates a light pleasant cooling massage pressure on the skin surface.

Available Treatments

DERMADROP Facial Treatment

An anti-ageing treatment at the highest level with a unique immediate effect promotes the elasticity of the skin and at the same time has a firming and regenerating effect. You can choose between three different treatment durations:

  • Anti-ageing & perfect glow (30min)
  • Classic anti-ageing & classic glow (40min)
  • Luxury anti-ageing & luxury glow (60min)
DERMADROP Back Treatment

A muscular relaxation treatment for after golf or for in between. Treat your muscles with a warming deep relaxation and revitalise your body.

  • SOS muscular relexation (10min)
  • After golf including a relaxation massage (45min)
Hair & Scalp Treatment

The active ingredient booster for your hair. The hair follicles are strengthened and healthy hair growth is supported.

  • Shine & Glow (20min)
DERMADROP Hand Treatment

For smooth and beautiful hands and nails.

  • Pretty Hands (25min)

Effective & fast: lip booster or mimic lifting.

  • Glow to Go (10min)



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Kadener Str. 9
25486 Alveslohe

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We have free parking at our institute and can only accept card payments.