Mimic wrinkles, saggy & sallow skin

BIOBTX TDA – The first innovative premium anti-wrinkle TDA treatment in 2-Phases. The premium ritual was developed specifically to improve expression lines and sagging areas.

The radiant result: visibly smoother skin, an even complexion and beautifully defined facial contours.


BIOBTX TDA – In our innovative BIOBTX treatment ritual, newly developed cosmetic active ingredients are channelled into the skin through DERMADROP TDA without any injections. This is where the smoothing and beautifying effect begins.

The DERMADROP TDA treatments are available at selected cosmetic institutes, spas and dermatologists. Our TDA cartridges are for professional use only and only applicable in combination with the DERMADROP TDA system. Ask for professional treatment advice at an institute near you.

Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2.5 cm
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