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NEW: BIOBTX TDA face treatment – Silky smooth skin – no needles, no picks!

Inspired by dermatological Botox procedures, DERMADROP launches the premium ritual BIOBTX – completely without injections.

High-tech meets luxury

During our innovative BIOBTX treatment ritual, newly developed power active ingredients are channelled into the skin through DERMADROP TDA without any injections. This is where their smoothing and beautifying effect begins. The premium ritual was developed specifically to improve expression lines and sagging areas.  The radiant result: visibly smoother skin, an even complexion and beautifully defined facial contours.

Who is it suitable for

Who is it suitable for

Every skin type can benefit from the premium BIOBTX treatment. However, the most noticeable effect is seen in the treatment of superficial expression lines. These can be smoothed by the treatment and the formation of further wrinkles and lines can be delayed. Depending on the skin condition, BIOBTX treatments are particularly useful between the ages of 30 and 55.

Good to know

Good to know

The anti-ageing effect can build up further with each BIOBTX treatment. Therefore, the BIOBTX ritual should ideally be enjoyed four to six times over the course of a month. And afterwards as needed and desired.

Before / After

BIOBTX Vorher hochgezogene StirnBIOBTX Nachher 4 Behandlungen hochgezogene Stirn

After 4 DERMADROP TDA treatments

BIOBTX TDA - silky smooth skin


STEP 1 – Preparation

First, the skin is thoroughly but gently clarified with the BACK TO ZERO cleansing mousse. Depending on the skin’s condition, DERMADROP PEELING+ TDA is then used. The preparation is rounded off with the Neutralizer.  


STEP 2 – Freeze Phase #1

In the first part of the premium treatment – thanks to Botox-like peptides such as Argireline® and Leuphasyl® – the “problem zones” caused by facial expressions are explicitly treated. Treatment with BIOBTX #1 TDA allows the muscles of facial expression to relax and the overlying wrinkles to appear smoother. This process is only perceptible through a cooling air current on the skin.


STEP 3 – Lift Phase #2

The third step of the luxurious anti-ageing treatment aims to counteract gravity. To do this, high-quality anti-ageing peptides from the BIOBTX #2 TDA cartridge are transported into the skin of the face, neck and décolleté with the help of TDA. The radiant result: more vitality, energy and luminosity for the skin.


STEP 4 – Finalisation

After the TDA treatment, the skin can look forward to a final pampering programme. A coordinated facial massage concept provides additional relaxation for the face. A mask completes the DERMADROP experience and rounds off the TDA treatment perfectly. This supports the optimal care of the skin right down to the depths.


Serums & Ampoules

DERMADROP has developed serums and ampoules because we believe that professional care should not end when you leave the beauty salon. Our ceuticals prevent or correct the signs of ageing or improve the appearance of “problem skin” and thus serve as the perfect complement to DERMADROP TDA treatment.


One treatment is good, but a TDA cure is even better. After a few treatments, depots of the TDA substances can form within the skin. Those depots nourish the cells continuously and provide a lasting improvement of the skin´s condition.

Customer Reviews

“Pleasant, slightly cool treatment with great results”

Claudia F. (33 years)

“Glow effect directly afterwards and fresh feeling”

Hanna S. (53 years)

“My skin feels fresher and fuller … I had very deep wrinkles on my forehead…. These are reduced by half”

Ingeborg D. (43 years)

“My skin was moisturised and that even days after the treatment”

Lucy B. (34 years)
Experience the DERMADROP BIOBTX TDA facial treatment!

The first DERMADROP Premiumclients with BIOBTX TDA

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